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  1. Jon Dong says:

    hello, heresy.

    I would like to use openni to get both depth frame and rgb frame. I did not use the function “GetAlternativeViewpointCap()" to set the viewpoint to align depth & rgb because i want raw depth data, which would be convert to real world coordinate. However I still need the alignment later.

    But if I set viewpoint at the beginning, I get the depth data aligned. If I use that data in the function “ConvertProjectiveToRealWorldCoordinate()", that would be incorrect; because this function uses depth sensor’s parameter for transformation while the data is from rgb-like viewpoint.

    Therefore my question is how could I get both the raw depth data and aligned depth data for a single frame in the video?


    Jon D.


    • Heresy says:

      As what I know, OpenNI can’t provide unaligned and aligned depth data at te same time.
      You can only get one of them.

      But in my experience, align dpeth map to image sould still usable in real world coordinate.


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