nVidia 徵求台灣的 CUDA 工程師!

這篇,算是所謂的工商服務時間吧? XD
反正,就是 nVidia 那邊的 staffing 希望 Heresy 可以在 space 上幫他們貼一下徵人資訊了~而這次要徵求的,是台灣區的 CUDA 開發工程師。詳細的訊息如下:

<Job Description>
Position Title: CUDA DevTech Engineer #1163984
Department: Dev Tech

NVIDIA is searching for world-class software engineers for an exciting role in Developer Technology. Work with the most exciting high-performance computing applications, on cutting-edge computational systems, with developers throughout the world. Interact closely with the architecture and software teams at NVIDIA to ensure the best possible performance and results. Work to help influence the developer experience with current-generation hardware as well as determine trends and features for next-generation architectures. You will work with the latest GPU technology working with HPC, Visual Consumer, and Professional applications.

For HPC and Professional Applications, you will work on parallelizing software algorithms for applications in a variety of fields including geo-sciences, medicine, computational biology, and digital content creation tools.

For Visual Consumer applications, you will work with video, photo imaging, computer vision consumer applications.

An important part of this role will be to support, evangelize, and influence NVIDIA GPU in either graphics or general purpose computing technologies to developers. You will develop and implement new data-parallel algorithms and systems, create technical demos, write whitepapers and present your work at conferences. Through collaboration with external software developers, you will help to optimize their products using NVIDIA technology.

Skills Required:
– Strong knowledge of C/C++ and programming techniques
– Strong mathematical fundamentals, including linear algebra and numerical methods.
– Good communication skills required.
– Travel for on-site visits with developers and to conferences will be required.
– Ideal candidates will have experience with parallel programming, especially data-parallel and/or GPGPU.
– Minimum 3 years of industry or academic experience (or equivalent) in a related field.
– B.S. or higher degree in Computer Science/Engineering or mathematical field.
– Experience with OpenMP, MPI, Fortran, and parallel programming is a plus
– Experience with CUDA, DirectX, or OpenGL is a plus.
– Experience in benchmarking a plus
– Familiar with CPU System architecture and OS fundamentals.
– A strong team player that is self motivated.

For job application, please send your resume to yvchen@nvidia.com

接下來,附帶台灣 CUDA 的相關新聞一則:


  1. 經歷
    1. 資工、資科、數學學士以上學歷
    2. 至少在相關領域有三年的工作、研究經驗
  2. 專業
    1. 熟悉 C/C++ 程式開發
    2. 熟系 CPU 系統架構和 OS 基礎
    3. 最好有平行程式開發經驗,特別是 data-parallel 和/或 GPGPU
      • 加分關鍵字:OpenMP、MPI、Fortran、平行程式開發、CUDA、DirectX、OpenGL
    4. 有 benchmarking 經驗可以加分(這邊的 benchmark 是指啥啊?跑 3D Mark 算嗎? :p)
    5. 數學基礎要好,包括線性代數和數值方法
  3. 其他
    1. 良好的溝通技巧(應該是指英文吧?)
    2. 會要出差(隨便翻譯 :p)

大致就是這樣吧?對 Heresy 來說呢,主要問題可能會是對硬體方面的不熟系,和語言能力吧?(其實,數學也不太好啊…)但是最大的問題,還是 Heresy 還沒期滿的國防役了。

總之呢,由之前 nVidia 的首席科學家換成 Bill Dally 來看,CUDA 這塊平行計算的比重在 nVidia 裡,應該是會越來越重的(參考《NVIDIA 任命 Bill Dally 為首席科學家兼研究部副總裁》)。如果對這一塊有興趣的話,的確可以考慮看看,要不要去投個履歷吧~

對「nVidia 徵求台灣的 CUDA 工程師!」的想法

  1. 恩…benchmark 對 Heresy 來說,好像就是記時間和算 FPS 了 XD等國防役完啊…希望到時候還有職缺了 ^^"

  2. 有benchmarking 指的應該是有對各種演算法改良後做Benchmarking 的能力這樣用CUDA後 才能Presentaion 呀就說你很合 Nvida 吧 等國防役完就行了 :P



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